About Us

About Us

We are an independent congregation with no earthly headquarters of any kind. We have no denominational affiliation. We do not follow any human creed. The Bible is our sole guide and the Bible guides our souls.

The body of Christ is not so much a name, as a description of a group of people meeting to worship God. We are congregations of the church that belongs to Christ. Each of us recognized sin in our lives and came to God for salvation as the Bible instructs. We are doing our best to follow the teachings of Jesus, His apostles and prophets as found in the New Testament.

We are simply Christians, with a goal of living our lives and worshiping God in the way He prescribed for mankind.  We invite you to join us in worship and in Bible study.

What to expect:

  • Remembrance of Christ’s death every Sunday.
  • Singing, prayer, and a studying of the Bible together.
  • Reflection on our lives in light of God’s word.
  • Love and understanding that we all have sinned and need Christ for salvation.

Evangelist: Caleb Davis (209) 605-0247

Corespondance Courses and Home Bible Studies available upon request.